Educators have a responsibility to use tech and social media to promote social justice.

What a time to be talking about social justice in the classroom. Many people in the world saw things through a different lens these past few weeks. Of course teachers should be teaching about social justice issues and it shouldn’t just be in the wake of such heartbreaking news either. In the article Alec sharedContinue reading “Educators have a responsibility to use tech and social media to promote social justice.”

Is Sharing Caring?

I really enjoyed this debate as there were some great points brought up by both sides. The point brought up by Altan and Melinda about EAL families signing release forms they may not fully understand is a good one.  Sheri and Dean argued that we need to teach positive online behavior and embrace it the new tech. world that weContinue reading “Is Sharing Caring?”

Should cell phones be banned in the Classroom?

This is a controversial topic with many teachers; as we saw with the results of the vote it is an even split with teachers that want them VS. teachers that want them gone. There were great arguments made by both sides. Skyler and Alyssa argued that cell phones were a positive addition to the classroom while Jill and Tarina took thatContinue reading “Should cell phones be banned in the Classroom?”

Is social media ruining childhoods?

I have a few conflicting ideas about this. If you haven’t guessed I am a bit of a hopeless romantic when it comes to the past. So I am sure you can guess that side of me doesn’t care much for social media. I would love to see young people develop a sense of analog-selfContinue reading “Is social media ruining childhoods?”

Should we stop teaching things that are Google-able ?

If star trek/ star wars has taught us anything, its that they still need pilots in space. This tells us that there will always be a need for the human factor and computers can’t do everything for us. If you are asking the question “should we stop teaching google-able things in school I would counterContinue reading “Should we stop teaching things that are Google-able ?”

Equity and Technology

This was another great debate and some true colors came shining through as people had to overcome some technical difficulties. I admit I never really considered the equity of people with disabilities and how tech could help close that gap before this debate. Of course I have seen this in real life as talk-to-text bringsContinue reading “Equity and Technology”

Does Technology In The Classroom Enhance Learning?

It was a great debate and several great arguments from both sides. Thank you to those people that opened up the battles! In my humble yet accurate opinion, there is no scenario where the classroom is not made better by some form of technology. That being said there must be balance between digital and analogContinue reading “Does Technology In The Classroom Enhance Learning?”

A Day In The Life Of Brad

This year has been a balancing act, the past few months have thrown a bizarre twist into an already crazy year. For any of you with aspirations of becoming an administrator, please keep reading. Unbeknownst to you these past few months have been preparing you for your first year in administration. Not because of theContinue reading “A Day In The Life Of Brad”

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