What is normal? part 2

02/07/20 My project for EC&I 832 is going to be social awareness piece based on Normative Center and the unconscious biases that form it. The first time I was introduced to the idea of Normative Center (NC), was through this article by Graham and Slee. It was in a curriculum class and how NC relatesContinue reading “What is normal? part 2”

Musings of the future.

Conversations of the future have always been intriguing to me. I often wonder what the future will bring and make a conscious effort to challenge my teaching practice with a growth mindset. People have pondered the future since the beginning of time, this is evident in early literature and has expanded even more in modernContinue reading “Musings of the future.”

Major Learning Project week 1

I had a bit of a hard time narrowing down an idea that would fit into the parameters of the options available. I wanted to do something both meaningful and challenging. My journey thus far in the EC&I classes has proved useful in my daily teaching by greatly improved my understanding of technology in theContinue reading “Major Learning Project week 1”

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