Major Learning Project Final Post

EC&I 831 has been a wonderful journey this term. Being part of such a knowledgeable group of people was a great opportunity to improve my digital literacy. I am always a little nervous to be a part of these types of learning communities, technology is still a foreign language to me. However, I am aContinue reading “Major Learning Project Final Post”

Social Activism and Education

Can online social activism be meaningful and worthwhile? Is it possible to have productive conversations about social justice online? What is our responsibility as educators to model active citizenship online? Social Activism has taken on an entirely new meaning in the past few decades. A social activist according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as:Continue reading “Social Activism and Education”

What does our lack of Open Source say about us?

If we take studied pop culture there seem to be two options, our future lies in either a post apocalyptic wasteland or a bright and shiny Utopian paradise where race, creed and gender have no bearing on a persons value within this new homogeneous society of like minded human beings. This new society would haveContinue reading “What does our lack of Open Source say about us?”

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