Is Sharing Caring?

I really enjoyed this debate as there were some great points brought up by both sides. The point brought up by Altan and Melinda about EAL families signing release forms they may not fully understand is a good one.  Sheri and Dean argued that we need to teach positive online behavior and embrace it the new tech. world that we live in.

Altan and Melinda shared some articles about a recent studies show that a large percentage of toddlers already have a digital footprint which may or may not be a bad thing. One one hand who cares… everyone has funny baby pictures sitting in a dusty album the only difference being accessibility, which you could argue putting these pictures online will be wonderful for future generations of family. The cons being just because we can share everything… should we share everything?

I am on the fence because I personally wouldn’t care if my baby pictures were available online. However, I am pretty thankful my teenage years and all the silly things I did are not readily available. Kids do weird things… they will continue to do weird things.. but now with the digital age, they may not be able to escape it.

How much do we really know about digital media?

Is my toddlers digital footprint going to have adverse effects on him down the road? Lets ask this doctor,

When Cigarette Companies Used Doctors to Push Smoking - HISTORY
7 of the Most Outrageous Medical Treatments in History - HISTORY

The point is…. Opinions change as we gather more information. This doesn’t mean that I am going to start fear mongering. Alec brought up a good point that although this data isn’t false there is a very small chance that in reality a child’s photos or data would be stolen especially anything school related.

I don’t know where exactly I fall on this spectrum… but I do give credit to both sides as there is validity in all of it.

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3 thoughts on “Is Sharing Caring?

  1. I like the point you make “that kids do weird things” and that is true. Not everything should follow them throughout their adult hood. Sometimes its nice to just let kids be kids.


  2. Oh man, I can only imagine your teenage years. I think I say that quite often, “Good thing cellphones didn’t exist when I was a kid”. I agree that we can not be fear mongers but we need to be cautious with treading new waters.


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