A Day In The Life Of Brad

This year has been a balancing act, the past few months have thrown a bizarre twist into an already crazy year. For any of you with aspirations of becoming an administrator, please keep reading. Unbeknownst to you these past few months have been preparing you for your first year in administration. Not because of theContinue reading “A Day In The Life Of Brad”

The process of making Guitar 90 a blended course.

When I began EC&I 834 I had already taught Guitar 90, when I learned that we would be creating an online course I thought this was a great opportunity to transition my guitar course to a blended format. Guitar 90 is a locally developed course, although I am told that there is a curriculum beingContinue reading “The process of making Guitar 90 a blended course.”

Blended learning and Creativity.

I watched a video recently about schools killing creativity.  This is a bold statement, and coming from a professor with “Sir’ in front of his name it is hard to ignore…. yet I felt like I am sure most teachers would… he must be talking about other teachers. I certainly don’t kill creativity, wait aContinue reading “Blended learning and Creativity.”

Blended Learning and the FUTURE!!

This week I was having a pretty philosophical debate with some co-workers about what the future of education is going to look like. Will our children’s school experience look like ours? What about our grandchildren? I think the probability of being replaced by a robot in the next 20 years is low, but I doContinue reading “Blended Learning and the FUTURE!!”

Experience and perceptions of blended learning.

My teaching assignment is woods 9-12 and guitar 9-11. It is a wonderful job, I can’t imagine a better job. I get to work with my hands and see ideas and hard work rewarded with a physical representation of student learning. Learning they can hold in their hands or demonstrate on guitar. I believe thisContinue reading “Experience and perceptions of blended learning.”

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