A Day In The Life Of Brad

This year has been a balancing act, the past few months have thrown a bizarre twist into an already crazy year. For any of you with aspirations of becoming an administrator, please keep reading. Unbeknownst to you these past few months have been preparing you for your first year in administration. Not because of the social distancing, or the supplemental learning, it is’t even the work from home model. You are probably wondering what it is about this pandemic that is preparing you for being a principal.

Well… It is getting by without knowing the answer to anything. It is waking up everyday not knowing what will happen, and learning to adapt to a constantly changing environment where people are possibly emotionally unstable and at times even hostile. It is taking you from a place of comfort and putting you in a place of chaos. Of course, I approach this with a bit of humor. However, if you were like many of the teachers I work with, you have most likely been forced to learn on the fly during these changing times. You have been forced to improvise and adapt and to be understanding of diverse student needs, to do things completely different from your initial expectations, and to be ok with that. Finally, to do not what you want… but what needs to be done.

My days at the beginning of the “supplemental learning” were heavily skewed towards the IT department. I am very grateful to have taken so many of my masters classes focusing on ED TECH. Finally, I knew the answers to some questions! I was lucky enough to be a part of what is (hopefully) the largest impromptu PD event in our lifetime. Suddenly and without warning teachers were a step behind and needed to completely change how they deliver their lessons. In the past weeks as teachers became more comfortable with technology like zoom, google classroom and countless others my job has shifted again…

American Idiot: Why 'Billy Madison' Is Still Adam Sandler's Best ...

Now I get to be a part of online classrooms, I get to read books to children, I get to play songs on the guitar for students, I drop off/pick up for students and teachers and maybe even help a caretaker move tables.

Like all of you, I am doing the best I can. I don’t know the answer is, but I am open to all possibilities. Brick by brick I will balance and carry the load.

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Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

11 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Brad

  1. Hello Brad!
    Thank you for sharing your perspective as a school leader during this time. Us teachers have a lot of big personalities that can sometimes be hard to manage. 🙂 I appreciate your humour and ability to show we don’t have all the answers and are in this together, one day at a time. Your staff is lucky to have you!

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  2. Brad,a

    Your blog post was extremely fitting and the YouTube videos made me laugh. Thank you for the humour. I think your point about acknowledging the chaos and hectic times and how they caused us to improvise and adapt is so true. Ready or not and many of us who are resistant to change had to. Hopefully now a few months later such change has been empowering, purposeful and allowed for collaboration.

    Stay alive 😉

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  3. I like your comparison to what educators are currently going through to someone in an admin position. Your adaptability and willingness to take on new tasks as an admin during these times also reinforces that as a whole staff team, we’re all in this together!

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  4. Great post Brad. I can’t imagine being an administrator at current times. The ability to adapt and change on the fly (even more so than in the classroom) would be a crucial skill as you are leading teachers and students through some difficult waters. I enjoyed your reference to the IT department. I am going to add this video to your repertoire.

    Curious are you restricted to what your teachers can use in regards to edtech at this time? I know that since we are a Microsoft school division we are encouraging that teachers focus on utilizing those programs to deliver supplemental learning.

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  5. Thanks for such a great blog. You always do lots of things that I love like all your graphics that put a smile on my face. It’s definitely been crazy and who’s ever thought this was gonna happen.We are certainly lucky to be taking classes at this time too. I really think all educators should take these classes because as we see now we need this year and for whatever the future. I like your point about this being the biggest impromptu PD of all time. A lot of people who thought this too shall pass in terms of using technology are now seeing the light so to speak. Glad you are trying to take this in stride and have an open mind … probably the best lesson we can teach the kiddos.


  6. Brad, as a fellow VP, I whole-heartedly agree with you. The unknown is a part of each and every day and the best laid plans can quickly take a backseat when things change on a dime (gotta love the idioms). I didn’t make that connection right away, but you are right, teaching in this new remote way has made all teachers have to be more flexible. Gone are the days of taking attendance and finishing what you had written in your day planner. Planning for the unknown is also quite daunting. It has been very interesting to see how our staff has adapted to teaching remotely. And I also agree, that becoming a part of the I.T. department has been a new admin responsibility. It will be interesting to see what the fall brings.

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  7. Ah, Brad… I always appreciate your humour (and your balloons). I think being able to improvise, adapt and be flexible is the biggest quality an educator needs in any situation. The humour goes a long way too! I believe your staff, parents and students are lucky to have you! And… I know I might be leaning on you through this class and my journey.

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  8. AH… wigmore… You’re getting all mushy on me:) I am pumped we are working together and now taking class together! If it wasn’t for the staff at this school I would pack up and go ranchin.


  9. I am one of the fortunate ones that has been able to see this growth first hand. Not only have I known you since we finished our teaching degree together (such fun times on those daily commutes haha) …but I have been able to see the growth you have made over this past school year. It has been an interesting school year and we had a lot of really tough obstacles along the way. I don’t think people would believe half the stories if we could share them. However, I must say since the start of this Covid situation, you have been a calming and comforting leader in our school. I think this is the moment you have really shined. I agree the ED TECH part has been a strong piece of that and I know a lot of us are thankful for it. I have called you numerous times this year asking you to help me adjust to things that were new to me this year. I think you have done a great job as our VP…especially as we transition to supplemental learning!

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