Does Technology In The Classroom Enhance Learning?

It was a great debate and several great arguments from both sides. Thank you to those people that opened up the battles!

In my humble yet accurate opinion, there is no scenario where the classroom is not made better by some form of technology. That being said there must be balance between digital and analog learning.

Before I started my career in education I worked in the trades, went to trade school worked as an industrial mechanic and then carpenter. I still work as a carpenter and as a backyard mechanic. I almost always have a project on the go and have turned into the “old knowledgeable” one for many of my friends. My grandfather Claude used to say “let me show you how to do that, it won’t be heavy to carry with you”. I love that point of view and it has been something that I’ve tried to personify ever since.

I was lucky enough to spend most of my teaching career in a shop and tried to pass on this growth mindset to students. I had countless parents in my shop expressing their regret at not learning to work with their hands. I think that in today’s society we have very little closure, we work on small aspects of large jobs without ever seeing something through start to finish. It is good for your mental health to have the gratification of a job done. Something you can see and touch and know every detail of.

So what does this have to do with technology in the classroom? Balance. You can’t turn your back on technology, we can’t pretend that technology is going to be a huge part of students lives…. forever. Sheltering them from it now and then thrusting it at them later in life would be no different than procrastinating teaching your child to swim because they are going to be in the water everyday when they are adults… ridiculous. Instead, lets teach them balance, lets explore some analog activities where they work with their hands, lets spend time outdoors. Lets make art, play music, complete tasks start to finish and talk about digital citizenship in real time.

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Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

7 thoughts on “Does Technology In The Classroom Enhance Learning?

  1. You’re such an old soul…and I love it! Here is my question for what you have posted. What do you consider to be the basics that all kids should learn and know how to do, whether it be academic or simply a life skill? How do you support your own kids or students who want to give up at the first sign of difficulty or adversity? There is a journey to seeing things through to the end but I feel that lots of kids (and adults alike) give up so easy once they struggle with an aspect of the process. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, old man.


  2. Thank you for this very insightful post! I completely agree with you that balance in learning is so important for students! I also agree that there is a benefit in seeing things through from the beginning to the end. My husband is a farmer, and he was talking the other day about how much of the equipment now is not just mechanical, but has a lot of tech components as well. Mechanics need to be able to fix both mechanical and tech issues. They need to have a balance of skills in order to their jobs.
    Great post!


  3. Brad, I like how you ended your post talking about balance. As technology continues to become a bigger piece of our lives, teaching kids the value of other things is so important. Whether it be spending time outdoors, building things, or learning how to play music, I think this will lead to greater physical and mental wellness in our young people.

    Thanks for the read.


  4. Great post Brad, I loved, “Sheltering them from it now and then thrusting it at them later in life would be no different than procrastinating teaching your child to swim because they are going to be in the water everyday when they are adults…” I feel as you are exactly right. Students need to know these skills, some will choose to swim and some will not, but it is important that they understand these skills as they will become more important in the future.


  5. I love that quote by your grandfather. Wise man. I have seen first hand how you have used all that he has taught you and passed it onto your students. I think that is a huge part of how you connect with our students. By teaching them how to do things themselves…giving them the confidence to try and then showing them how they can continue to work on these skills. Maybe its learning how to play guitar on youtube or building a model car… they start with you teaching them and then continue to learn on their own!


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