Major Project Final Reflection

I struggled with this project in more ways than one. The initial struggle was to find something that was meaningful. The projects in your previous classes have all been both meaningful and transferable into my classroom. Of the options for the major project, “Option 2: Personal journey into media” seemed a bit repetitive to work I had done in past classes. I initially thought about building an online resource document and physio routine for Luke and documenting any progress. But this didn’t fit squarely into the parameters of option 1 or 4. This eventually turned into me thinking more about “Option 3: Internet-based social activism project“. I like this because it was meaningful, but was a big step outside my comfort zone. It would lend itself to collaborating with people and exploring some technology made for video blogging.

As I have learned in the past collaborating with people can be a tremendous experience however, relying on other people can also lead to scheduling problems and expectations that aren’t met. Not to mention the internal battles that were fought in the process of this. I initially really liked the idea of doing something that involved my son, however, I had a hard time posting about such personal details of my life. It seemed as though I was exploiting my son, and I had a lot of mixed emotion about it.

Initially I had laid out the project to interview different people and explore “normal” from their perspective. I was really excited to talk to some people with unique perspectives such as people with a disability, members of the LGBTQ society and someone with a First Nations background. I thought this would be a great way to explore bias, and normative centers as it pertains to different perspectives. The more I thought and discussed with a friends and colleagues that I would interview the more I did not want to exploit their opinion and spotlight something about them personally in order to interview them. So, I decided to interview them all based on the same idea and let them take it wherever they wanted, not leading them into questions based on them personally.

This seemed like a great compromise, and was showing promise however, scheduling interviews with these people seemed impossible and I was unable to interview half of my initial pool. Some interviews were cancelled due to Covid, others were unwilling to do a video interview online and finally some schedules just did not allow a time that was mutually agreeable.

Given the problems I had with this project I feel it was not a total failure. Thinking through the steps of this project and interviewing people with a wealth of knowledge gave me a great deal of perspective and understanding on the subject. I love having my own thoughts and ideas challenged and this project did that every step of the way. Although I did not interview the number of people I initially wanted to, or get the social media exposure I initially was hoping for I guess this project was for my own personal growth, and in that way it was a great success.

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