Celeb talks with Mary Beth

This was an exercise in self control for me, It’s hard for me to be professional for that many minutes in a row, so I didn’t ask to many questions… I kinda think this could have been an interview Zac would have been proud of.

All jokes aside, the conversation we had with Mary Beth was a great example of a guest speaker facilitating a conversation between a group of people. I enjoyed the way she presented resources and thoughts but left it up to the audience to draw their own conclusions.

The amount of tech that youth use on a daily basis has skyrocketed within the last decade. With this increase there needs to be equal growth in the education surrounding digital citizenship and literacy. Mary Beth, Alec and the rest of the class raised a lot of interesting points and I was able to walk away with a lot of great resources to pass along to teachers in my school. (please add any other relevant links to the document).

Like Michala I found the talk on COPPA, to be informative as I know very little about that. It prompted me to do a little further research and thought this was an interesting video as I remember being intrigued when the video upload requirements changed on youtube.

Fake news, reading laterally vs. horizontally and teaching students to be critical thinkers is something I really enjoyed talking about as I think it is extremely important in our society. These are subject that should have far greater importance placed on them, so I always look for ways to gain perspective and resources from like minded people.

Thanks for sharing!

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Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

6 thoughts on “Celeb talks with Mary Beth

  1. Thanks for this post, Brad. I really appreciate your great sense of humour and engaging writing style! Fake News is definitely something that I’ve found becoming more of a talking point with my students. The internet lately seems to be inundated with clickbait and content that may not be factual; it’s evident that some students have difficulty identifying what content is authentic. This makes educating our students on reading laterally so important!

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  2. Love ‘Between Two Ferns’ haha I really enjoyed the talk too. Your point about Fake News is something that interests me and the vertical reading is something I’ll dig deeper into. Thanks partner.

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  3. I am glad you get me @shelby, It is important to consider the ramifications of telling kids to “google it” without first teaching them to be critical thinkers/readers. I think many aspects of digital literacy falls on educators to talk about in the same way that citations and project research has been up to teachers in the past. I believe that our ed. practice has not kept up with the needs the digital world has brought. I am excited to talk more about this!

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  4. Hey Brad! I enjoyed your comic take on the difficulty of being professional that long (I know you, and this must have been truly difficult). But moving on, I also appreciated Mary Beth’s knowledge on COPPA and on the idea of lateral reading. I honestly thought I was doing a decent job, but I somehow feel less responsible knowing I just let my students google everything, or do not check the privacy restrictions on new apps or websites we use everyday. Food for thought for sure!


  5. I also knew little to none about COPPA and had to use google! PS, I appreciate all your links and randomness, teach me oh wise one.


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