November 19th.

I finally understand the reason behind Paul McCartney’s signature bass. I always found it a little ugly, however after practicing bass scales and trying to play the album version of Johnny B. Goode, I realize that Paul’s short scale bass would be so much easier to play. The difference between a long and short scale bass guitar is about 3 inches. The neck being three inches shorter would really help me out as I am trying to stretch across 4 frets. I see a lot of improvement with playing these scales but I know the journey is nowhere near done.

As I continue practicing this it is time to start looking for some free music editing software… and someone that can do the solo for Johnny. B Goode. If you have any suggestions with the music editing software… please let me know.

Published by bradraes7578

Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

4 thoughts on “November 19th.

  1. Hey Brad, I don’t edit much audio, but for what its’ worth, I have heard Aucidity is a good free one, and I see it at the top of your list.

    You’re actually playing at a pretty good speed in that video clip, your progress has been pretty fast given how busy we all are! Good job!

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  2. Great work Brad! Thanks for providing all of the links and great video. Unfortunately I am not much help with music software – the only software I have used before is Garage Band and it was not my favourite. Keep up the good work!


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