Week 4 learning Project

This week was a large step in the direction of my goal. I started with a Fenderplay lesson on the box method. This is a popular method used by many bass players. This is an introduction to Pentatonic scales, which is a big part of what I would like to learn. The lesson started out well and I was able to play along with the instructions reasonably well. I started using my practice amp for electric guitar, although it isn’t designed for a bass it is doing the trick and I recommend this little amp for anyone that is wanting to practice without being to loud.

When I started practicing I thought it would be best to practice with a metronome and found a free online version that I really liked. This is where the humbling began…. I have been playing guitar for about 10 years and have never considered myself someone that has bad rhythm but this metronome disagreed. I am hoping to clean up the timing on the boxed method. It was a bit of a lesson on expectations vs. reality, but practicing this method in the 12 bar blues will definitely pay off.

The entire time I was playing through the box method I could hear all the songs that incorporate it and I know that this is worth sticking to. The one song that stuck out to me was Johnny B. Goode and its tremendous walking bass line. I was very quick to see just how much work I had to do in order to play a song at this level, but it’s a good long term goal. I knew the next thing to do was set some short term goals and find a bass lesson on Major/Pentatonic scales. I was able to find a free lesson on youtube that was very good, and incorporated the perfect mix of theory and practice.

Well I hope you have time to watch! any questions or comments are appreciated!

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Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

7 thoughts on “Week 4 learning Project

  1. Good job Brad! I laughed so hard in your video when you said “amplifiers also amplify mistakes!” haha… too true! Sometimes it’s OK to just unplug from the amp and just play without one 😉 haha, I know that feeling. You are making great progress on the box method… I don’t play bass I play guitar, but I had a friend who would always rock out with the Seinfeld style bass riffs. Good stuff, good work!


  2. I used to HATE playing piano with my metronome. It is like having a very strict teacher sitting beside you and pointing out all of your mistakes. BUT it is a great tool. I have yet to take it out for my guitar practice but the thought keeps popping into my mind.

    Keep working at the 12 bar blues and I look forward to hearing your progress next week!

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  3. Awesome job, Brad! I did notice you putting Week 3… but I was going to let it slide this time haha. Great job using the metronome! I am going to have to use that tool for some of my projects. It seems like it’s really coming along, even if it seems like a long process. Your video made me laugh…. “amplifiers also amplify mistakes”. Great job and thanks for sharing!

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  4. Hi Brad! You are ROCKING your final project progress! Your Youtube video was really good, and I agree – there MUST be something wrong with that metronome. 🙂


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