Plan B—- All About The Bass

Music has always been a big part of my life. At a young age it was my companion during the many hours I spent on different pieces of farm machinery. Hours of perpetual boredom punctuated by a few minutes of joy when one of my favorite songs came streaming over the AM radio. I had the opportunity to learn to play guitar at a young age, unfortunately foolish pride and stubbornness prevented me from taking advantage of my grandmothers offer to teach me.

As the years past I often thought of the songs my family and neighbors would play, music began to take on a different meaning. Music began to take the role of an old friend. I found that I was pausing to listen to songs that reminded me of my family and youth spent on the farm. In my early twenties my grandmother passed away and I was left her old guitar. A guitar nearly a hundred years old and almost worn through in places from hours spent making music, I am the third generation to own this guitar and that means a lot to me.

My first attempts at learning to play guitar were intermittent and frustrating. Youtube tutorials were in their infancy and I was easily frustrated with the slow progress I was experiencing. It was the invention of auto-steering on tractors that allowed my first milestone of guitar playing to happen. I bought a compact guitar and would spend time on the tractor strumming along to songs on the radio. Getting over the first hump in learning is one that I believe is the hardest for most aspiring musicians. Once you can hear “music” coming from your guitar previous frustrations melt away very quickly.

In my early thirties I started spending more and more time with people that shared my passion for music. It eventually turned into us getting together and jamming on a regular basis and the “dad band” was formed. during this time we would play the odd gig but was mostly about learning a few songs and enjoying each others company.

Similar to “the sandlot” when one person left we just kept playing on. Fast forward to the fall of 2019, A dear friend has moved away and left us without a bass player. Much like how “The Beatles” nominated Paul, I am the worst guitarist in the “dad band”, so it falls on me. Enter Plan “B”.

Project “Plan B”

Full disclosure: The bass is not entirely knew to me, I have played around with it a bit and have a very basic understanding of what is going on. I would class myself as a beginner, anything outside of the key of G and I would be lost. In fact, I could really only need two strings on my bass because I have never touched the bottom two:)

So, I know a little bit about the bass. I would like to learn some theory, and songs on the bass so I can do more than pluck a few notes when jamming with other people. I thought this was a good opportunity to find some bass specific resources online and explore the idea of gamification. I plan on borrowing a gaming platform and trying to learn to play bass using “rocksmith”. This is a game similar to guitar hero, only you use real instruments. I will also be looking at some music editing software to try and put some songs together, something I have never done.


  1. Borrow a gaming platform and rocksmith 2014, (with bass)
  2. commandeer dads bass
  3. find free online bass tutorial
  4. find free online music editing software

questions/ comments:

Have any of you tried learning an instrument or editing music online?

What resources would you use?

Any suggestions/thoughts?

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Vice Principal at Prince Arthur in Moose Jaw, Sk.

6 thoughts on “Plan B—- All About The Bass

  1. Well, I’m slightly intrigued by your journey into the “slappin’ da bass” mostly because I envision you on an SNL skit similar to “More Cowbell”. I do admire your intentions to collaborate with others through the use of social media. Once you master the music editing software, I can send you a recording of my highly anticipated clarinet skills demonstrated through the classic ditties of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Hot Crossed Buns”. Let me know which track you’d prefer.

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  2. S/O to Dean for his “no treble” joke in the previous comment. It made me chuckle!

    Brad, what an interesting story about your musical connection with growing up on the farm and of receiving such as special gift of your grandmother’s guitar. As I read through some of the #eci831 blogs this week, I am noticing a theme. First, that there are several people interested in learning a musical instrument and second, that people were given the opportunity to learn as children but stubbornness prevailed. Many people are looking for that second chance!

    It sounds like you have some good ideas in mind for how this project will play out (not as cool of a pun as Dean’s!) Best of luck and I look forward to following along to see what you come up with for the Dad Band!


  3. It’s all about the bass … This sounds great and I’m sure you could include this in your summary of learning too. Not sure if you have iphone or ipad but garage band has some good tutorials and you can kinda practice anywhere. Good Luck … I’m sure you will have no treble (sorry).

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